Friday, March 29, 2013

This is my dream


     Last weekend I found a house I would love to live in, and the kind of land I would love to live on.

The house

Just a small 1036 sq ft, but perfect space for me

The land
Long narrow strip of land, doesn't have to be on water, but the trees are a must, imagine the gardens and flower beds.
   I spend a lot of time dreaming, but generally this is what my dream  house will be like. Small and cozy, with potential to expand. I literally cannot wait.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Babies, babies, babies!

My world is beginning to be over run by babies! With two s.nieces, I'm already a happy aunt, but a new baby niece on the way puts me over the moon. I Cannot wait until may! Then this weekend I found out that a new baby cousin is on its way! Best part: due on my birthday!( well not ON my birthday, 3 days after, but I'm positive the baby will insist on coming out a little early!)

So, this summer is going to be a summer of baby loving for me. I'm taking the summer off work to do school full time, so I'm planning on getting in lots of time with all the babies I'm blessed to have in my life, Athena, abby, Hailey, and the two coming soon.

With all this baby fever going on, I think I'm coming down with pet fever. Though Toby is far from grown, his growing and learning has steadied out. I'm ready for a new addition to our little family. Though due to limited space, the fact that we are going away next January for 3 months, and Braden is a logical not impulsive person, I cannot get a cat, dog, or other small pet. That leaves fish! And frogs! And maybe a turtle! Oh man, now I really want a turtle. Anyways.
Hope all is well with everyone!

(missing the island like crazy)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Every second week eh?

So it has totally occurred to me that my new years resolution of writing every second week has totally failed. And then I started wondering why, I mean its not a lack of things to talk about. I have come to the conclusion that it is a combo of 2 things; I love my job tons, but somewhere inside I know that although every new word, every messy craft and whatnot are exciting to me, its probably not something y'all want to spend your free time reading about. Also, I am a night owl. I do my most inspired and well written things after 10pm, but now that I'm up at 5:30 5 days a week, if I'm not sleeping by 9:30 I am a very cranky nanny.
So that is a long way of saying I am going to keep trying to write once every second week, but it is not going to be about being a nanny, its just going to be about me being me.
I just finished reading The Help. And I was a little shocked. I know that it was worse than what was written about, but the thing that the worst was how recently it was. My great Grammy passed away recently, but my sisters and mom (and grandma of course) were very close to her. During the time that story took place, she would have been in her 60's. And I cannot help but wonder what she thought about coloured people, and integration. I know it wasn't the same in Canada as it was in Mississippi USA, but that doesn't mean there wasnt racism. I plan on doing some googling on the subject whenever I get some free time. Grammy Pond was the sweetest woman I know, and the truest Christian I have ever met, so I like to think she was understanding and caring.
I also wonder how people from my life would have acted toward people of other colours if we lived then. How I would gave acted. The only thing I know for sure is children are uncaring and unjudging on colours and, having decided to dedicate myself to them, I hope I would have had some of that in me too.
And now I feel extremely naive thinking that it happened sooo long ago. When in reality, there are people all around me who were alive during some of the worst of it. Silly me. I feel like I probably should have paid a little more attention during history class.
That's all for now. Stay tuned for a tribute to my blood sistas.
My boys having snuggle time when I leave for work
Museum of Civilization, this was the highlight for the kiddies.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Alas, the return of the perpetually sick

dear readers,

 my excuses for my absence are as follows :
  • the common cold
  • Christmas busyness
  • the really serious flu that's going around (did you know like 5 people have died from it? CRAZY!)
  • the stomach bug (I will never eat french fries again)
  • my dog ate my homework
That last one isn't true, but I really did spend the better part of the last month sick, which was not, as my little sisters would say, totally sic. I thought seriously about uploading something little even from my phone, but my laziness got the better of me. Then I made a new years resolution to myself (btw, B and I were both asleep before midnight because we are THAT cool) that I would post once ever two weeks. So here I am.

Truthfully, I was creeping facebook and ended up on a link to a different website for making blogs, then I started feeling really guilty for this blog halfway through making a new one. Feeling guilty for a blog, that's how exciting my life has been.

Anyways, here is a little update:

Santa Clause was great to us this year, putting us a whole lot closer to our trip to Italy next January, and Mrs.Clause was really good to Toby,  a brand new bed and a bone that lasted him almost a whole month (thanks go out to momsicle for that one).  Christmas came late for Miss Moto (as in this week), but I think she knows it was worth the wait, an awesome new cat tree!

The boys were obviously spoiled too! In a good way of course! The house seems full of trains now! After only a week away from R he was suddenly saying a buzzillion new words. He attempts to say "Jessie" now when prompted, which is less exciting than all the other amazing things he can now do. Like eat anything all by himself, and he can sign and say "More Please", which is crazy adorable. Although when hes saying "Up Please" and I can't pick him up I feel really bad. 
He has also taken to tantrums. He flops his whole body forwards and cries face first into the ground. I feel like this may make me a bad nanny, but at times I find it hilarious (when I get past how frustrating it is) and I may or may not take pictures of it. He has also realized that D gets pretty much all the attention there is to be given ( mostly because he demands it), and has decided this is not acceptable. So much fun.

On the other side of the ring, D is making incredible progress as well. Manners manners manners, he is getting so much better at using them. And time-outs come less often, and with a whole lot less fuss. After the first few days of getting back into our routine, he was like a little angel! But his sharing skills leave something to be desired.
 Today he was playing with cars on the floor and R picked up B's bear, to which he responded to using his most babylike voice to say "I wannnnttt myyy bearrrrr" (with a huge fake sad face)
I said " Your brother has the bear right now because you weren't playing with it, why don't you play with your cars?"
B got up, walked over to the toy box and held up a car and defiantly said " I play with R's car now, we share."
I know it sounds cute, but you could see he was just pushing me, to see if that would make me give him back his bear. I smiled sweetly and said sure.
He was grumpy for a bit after that.

Next week we adventure to the Museum of Civilization (which also includes what I'm told is a children's museum). Look forward to that update, I'm sure it will be a whole lot more exciting.