Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Babies, babies, babies!

My world is beginning to be over run by babies! With two s.nieces, I'm already a happy aunt, but a new baby niece on the way puts me over the moon. I Cannot wait until may! Then this weekend I found out that a new baby cousin is on its way! Best part: due on my birthday!( well not ON my birthday, 3 days after, but I'm positive the baby will insist on coming out a little early!)

So, this summer is going to be a summer of baby loving for me. I'm taking the summer off work to do school full time, so I'm planning on getting in lots of time with all the babies I'm blessed to have in my life, Athena, abby, Hailey, and the two coming soon.

With all this baby fever going on, I think I'm coming down with pet fever. Though Toby is far from grown, his growing and learning has steadied out. I'm ready for a new addition to our little family. Though due to limited space, the fact that we are going away next January for 3 months, and Braden is a logical not impulsive person, I cannot get a cat, dog, or other small pet. That leaves fish! And frogs! And maybe a turtle! Oh man, now I really want a turtle. Anyways.
Hope all is well with everyone!

(missing the island like crazy)

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