Sunday, February 19, 2012

Unforseen Forces

So, I have one more journey day to write up, but I just wanted to make an honorable mention to a beautiful swan.

When I was little I used to see geese and birds flying away in the fall and back in the spring, and everyone always said they were going south. So for some reason I didn't ever ask where specifically they were going, and every year I would think about how amazing it was that they were all flying together and never bother to think where are they flying to. I learned last April that some fly here, Courtenay BC. Geese, swans, random birds.
Last winter they camped out in what is now my backyard/field and ate the grass. But in the summer they plowed it all and now there is not much grass to eat so they all hang out in a field in the middle of town. And I mean hundreds of them. But you still see them out here, just not as many. You hear them at random times during the day.

Fastforward to Present

Tonight our power flickered and went out. Pitch black, we made sure everyone was okay, and then it came back on. Honestly, part of me thought it was the end of times, a freaking fireball coming for earth, time to say our last goodbyes. I'm a worst case scenerio type. Fortunately for all of us on earth except for it, it was only a swan that ran into our power line. I say only, but really you would not believe how big this thing was. Poor guy, never even seen it coming. Which is better I suppose. I hope it didn't suffer. I am surprised it didn't take the wire out completely. Now it smells like burnt feathers outside, which I suppose it a change from the usual cow poop. I couldnt help but think about this poor unaware swan on its journey when kabam it was taken out by an unforseen force.


Grade 12, at PDCI, our cafeteria had an enclosed gazebo. It was still really snowy so the door to it was locked. It was during a spare and I was with some friends having a snack then we all heard THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD. Everyone was looking around confused. Turns out there is a flock of winter birds that were flying in together, and they all ran into the wall of windows overlooking the caf. There was probably at least a dozen stunned or dead birds. Now this in itself was sad. It was made worse by people knocking on the windows at them and laughing.
I know. They are just birds. But for some reason it just irks my soul to see people acting that stupid. Trying to make the situation better, our vice principal unlocked the door to clean up the dead birds. Seeing one that was only stunned, he decided to put the unconscious bird on a high branch of a tree. He walked away looking very content with himself, and not a minute later the bird fell to what I am quite certain was it's demise. Poor guy, never seen it coming. Was taken out by unforseen forces.

So this is my shout out to all you many feathered creatures, I know how hard you work, and when I can, I will always have your back, And I will always hope the best for you. Even the stupid crows who refuse to fly, and choose instead to hop across a busy street.

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