Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In Memory

So I have decided to veto the last day of our drive for now, your not missing much, it was pretty boring. I will write about some of the amazing places we have been, but first I would like to write something about my Great Grandma, Olga Pond.

She passed away this past weekend, and in her late 90's, it maybe shouldn't have come as a shock, but it did. She was the nicest, most caring and compassionate person I have ever met. She held true to her beliefs, which has become somewhat of a rarity in today's world. Born in 1913, she lived from a time of a photograph in a bound photo albums to a time of a digital picture frame with an SD card full of pictures in it. The world went from typewriters to touchscreen computers. She lived through more than I can even begin to wrap my mind around. She was amazing and awe inspiring. She loved her husband and family, was ever caring, ever helpful, ever mindful. Knitting mittens and sweaters, sending cards every birthday and every Christmas. She was always hoping the best for everyone, helping everyone she could without complaint, more so with content. She loved, and was great at every card game and board game that came her way. The is a big part of me that misses her, but there is a much bigger part of me that believes she is with Grampy, and she is happy, and in a better place.

I truly believe that I am a better person for have known her,
The world is a better place to have held her, even if only for a while,
And heaven is a lucky place to have her.

I will miss her, and my heart and prayers go out to her children and grandchildren, other family and friends who are suffering from her loss, and I wish her the best in her eternity.

In Memory Of Olga Alfreda Pond

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