Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bohemoth Wolf

I may or may not be writing a little little something. Definitely still in the very early staged of development. But here is a little piece of what may or may not exist.

"In the distance the church bells rung out the sound that signified midnight. Suddenly a slashing sound, which was followed immediately by what resembled rattling chains and a resounding howl. What seemed to be a canter followed by a WHACK and a small whimper. Again the sound of a canter could be heard, followed by a WHACK and a small whimper. And Again the sound of canter echoed off the walls and it was ended with a WHACK and another whimper. The fourth time however it was and eruption of almost a gallop and a deafening blast. It was as if the room below had just experienced an enormous crash of \thunder. It ricocheted throughout the castle, making it feel as though the castle itself was collapsing. The low echo of an angry snarl could only just be heard as the sound of thunder crashing slowly faded off. The clamour of chains clattering across each concrete step up the curve of the massive stairwell that led directly to the room that Milo sat in could be heard. As the clatter came to a halt Milo looked up, in the doorway he could see only a set of piercing eyes staring at him and he could now hear the vicious snarl from the darkness. Suddenly a titanic growling broke out in the room. The sound of it echoed around the room and it became the only sound that could be heard. It had become so that being able to tell whether it was the growl itself or only its echo ceased to exist. Very slowly, what may have seemed like hours, it tapered off  until all that could be heard was the flickering of the flames in Milo’s fire."

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