Thursday, June 21, 2012

Knight Inlet, Sword and Shield not required


Way back in April, Braden and I went on a trip to a fishing lodge further north, between Vancouver Island and the mainland. Braden is working at an awesome restaurant called the Mad Chef Cafe, and there works the amazing Keeley. Keeley's boyfriend Cam grew up at, and worked at, Sailcone Lodge, which offers Fishing Trips and Wildlife Tours. They extended an incredible invitation to spend the weekend there with them, before the season started. Can you say experience of a lifetime? Obviously we said Heck to the yeah.

We spent a Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in paradise. The lodge itself was beautiful. From the yard to the view to the house itself. Literally everything was beautiful. Im having trouble putting into words how awesome it was. So here are some pictures 

Cam worked hard pulling up the prawn traps :)

My first touch of the sunfish. Which is much like a starfish I believe. If you pull its leg off, not only will it grow a new one but the leg will grow into a new sunstar (what I called them) if enough of its core was pulled out

Prawn anyone? They heads are like little darts. Seriously. Not what I expected them to look like.

The view literally looks like a default screensaver that comes with a computer. This is from in the boat pulling out of the Dock
Bouys for the traps

The Amazing Keeley!!

SEALIONS! Lazy fat adorable hilarious and they bark. Animals dont get much better than this


Telegraph Cove

Sealion Skeleton

He just let his feather blow in the wind.

They waddle when the walk, it really is hilarious

I tried to throw him a prawn head, it just scared him away.

Literally my only catch of the weekend

More sealions

The view of the front yard.

View to the left of the lodge

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