Friday, August 24, 2012

Yesterday I Cried

I have made it back from Vancouver Island! A little bit crazier, but other than that fully intact. And Although this is unrelated to the actual move itself, seeing as this is my blog, and the only people other than me who read it are nosey bystanders on facebook, creeping me without me knowing (which by the way I'm okay with because it's something I do quite often), or close friends and family who want to or feel obligated to read because they love me, I feel as though I can drift away from writing about the trip for a moment and tell you all about why I cried yesterday.

Yesterday I cried. I cried because for the first time in as long I can remember I came to the realization that after years of chaos, I have finally become the person I want to be. A person I am proud to be.

 Dear past teachers ( Ms. Legacy, Mrs. Stroud, & Mrs. Campbell among many others), Thank-You for being there for me, never giving up on me, having faith in who I was when I didn't even know. I am a truly blessed person, having had the amount of amazing teachers in my life that I did. Without the teachers I had, I'm not sure how I would have graduated high school. I often feel guilty at the fact that I graduated because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have if I hadn't had them. I think what Im coming to realize is that they knew who I was, not as a student, but as a person. And they seen potential I did not fully grasp that I had. High School (& Elementary) is not an easy place for many, if anyone. And I don't think teachers ever fully get the appreciation that they deserve. I have to actively fight the urge to hug some of my teachers and tell them I love them and appreciate them every time I see them. 
There are a lot of people who have been there for me, I am an extraordinarily lucky person to have so many people in my life who love me as much as they do. And I really do truly love them all.  

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