Saturday, November 10, 2012

Home again Home again Jiggity Jig

Long time no see blog readers. Of whom there may be very few, but I decided to go back to writing because I know I have at least one reader, my beautiful little sister Maggie. So for her, and the others who randomly happen upon my page.

Now that we have safely arrived home (yay!), moved into our apartment (perfect), and started our lives here in Ottawa there are not many travel stories to share. But fear not! Being a nanny for 2 of the most adorable boys I have ever met leaves me with many many many stories.

The boys are 2 (D) and 1 (R), and very handsome. D is speaking in almost full sentences, can count up to 13, can sing more songs than I can count including the abc's. We are about to start working on recognizing the ABC's. R is at all times either laughing or crying. Mostly laughing. Say the word stinky. HAHAHAHAHA. Put a stuffed animal on your head. HAHAHAHA. Tries going into his tent with guitar and can't get it in on the first try, and you have nonstop crying for 5 minutes. It is both the best and most exhausting job I have ever had.

Being a first time nanny, I have a new found respect for every mother, stepmom, and childcare giver in the world. It is not always an easy job. Not that I thought it would be. But we have fun finger painting, making crafts, and going on trips to the library.

Badadada badadada It's Elmo's World!

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