Saturday, November 17, 2012

Melmo! Apppsauuusseee!!

It was a week of talking for this nanny this week! R is just starting to talk. And I honestly had no idea how adorable it was going to be, or how quickly and spontaneously it would happen. When I started he had the basic "dada" and "anana" and the occasional "mama". This has now grown to "ckocks" (socks), "cucks" (trucks) "caaaarrrk" (car), "meeemoooo" or "melllmooomelmo!" (Elmo), and most impressively "Apppsause" (applesauce).

He loves talking, not that D is taking to that much. This 2 year old is used to being the only one able to communicate, and I can feel the beginnings of the "terrible twos" coming on. Smashing his fists against the table, I ask him " What are you doing buddy?" and I get what resembles a demon stare. His chin is tilted down almost touching his chest, his eyes looking up at the scariest angle at me. It is really quite terrifying. "Are you trying to make Jessie sad or mad?" and still banging on the table he smiles and nods his head. "Is that a nice thing to do?" and suddenly he stops, shakes his head and his face is suddenly frowning.

Other memorable turn of events this week, he has started peeing his pants a little and saying "oh well thats okay". Don't get me wrong. At 26 months he was fully potty trained, which took at total of 3 days, and he hasn't worn a diaper since, not even to bed. He is very smart. But when he peed on me, as he was getting dressed one morning. No that is not okay.

Also Braden turned 21 this week!! So a very happy birthday to my wonderful amazing partner in crime and life! He is now old enough to drink anywhere in the world!! Oh how I love him.

the first gift , for the boss
If you don't already know, this years christmas theme is " Under $50 Altogether", and mostly completely homemade. If you have any requests do not hesitate to make a request. Only a month and a half to go!!!

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