Saturday, December 1, 2012

A $50 Christmas

This year I have taken on a challenge. Mostly because with school and our trip next year I don't really have more  than that to spend. I was inspired by my love of Pintrest, and after finding tons of things I thought would be fun to make, I thought "Why not actually make it?".
My challenge is "$50 or under". This means lots of homemade gifts, and hopefully a family photo of all 4 of us if I can find my little camera (if you have seen it btw please let me know!).

So there also may be a few very pretty IOU's also because it's a lot more work than I had thought. And also I need to get a cord for my swing machine  because in our move apparently I lost it (if you haven't noticed, I misplace things a lot).

Here are a few examples of my hard work (I'm not worried about the receivers seeing them because they are  the employers and a two year old)

Elmo looks a lot like he is on drug but they are all a work in progress still.

The babies were, as per usual, ridiculously adorable the week. Exceptions of that being poor D's backslide in toilet training, stemming from R's recently growing ability to communicate effectively. I learned this week that not only is potty training crazy hard, but without very immediate results is very discouraging as a caregiver. I left work nearly in tears  more then once this week. But alas, a little progess left me with a little bit of a lift of the spirits by the end of the week.
Listening to a one year old cry for two hours, with nothing, not singing or tv or playing or drinking or eating or anything at all cheering him up, is very discouraging. Makes you feel very crappy about about yourself.

Some day I might write a very bad novel.
Sorry about the lack of enthusiasm today readers, aside from being exhausted, my house is probably haunted.

Happy  December 1st!

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